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Dr Andrew McHardy PhD –Golf Ready

  • PhD in golf injuries

  • 18 years clinical experience treating golfers

  • International author & speaker on golf injuries

  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified – Level 3 Medical professional

  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certified – Level 1

  • Played golf for nearly 30 years- played off as low as 4

Strong belief that a loss of efficiency of body movements account for the loss of power / distance seen by golfers This also results in a loss of consistency and is a predictor for injury. Whilst generic programs may help, a tailored program taking into account the function of your body will get the best results.

I have golfers that see me as they have looked at conditioning program, but don’t know where to start or whether they are doing the right things.

I offer a comprehensive functional movement and golf swing assessment with detailed report that identifies what exactly is required for each individual golfer.

Dr. Andrew McHardy PhD

Who would have thought it would be so effective?

That’s when I knew I had to share it with the rest of the golf world…

Our Services

  • The primary focus of Golf Ready is to get the body moving as efficiently as possible during the golf swing.

  • By doing so you are in a position to become more consistent in your golf swing as the movements become more reproducible.

  • Also, you are less likely to sustain an injury playing golf when the movement patterns of the body align with your golf swing.

  • In addition, as your efficiency improves you are in a position to deliver more power to the golf ball leading to greater distance.

    Now the golf swing will only ever be a good as the function of one’s body. As such the first part is to perform a golf-specific functional movement assessment to see how the body can perform.

  • A golf swing assessment is then performed to see what you are actually doing in the swing. Many times the swing and body function are connected.

  • For example: Poor hip internal rotation on the right during the back swing typically leads to a sway and a reverse spine angle that invariable causes lower back pain. Improvement in hip function would then allow swing changes to be made (by golf professional). However, if the hip function is not improved, the body isn’t able to achieve some positions in the swing no matter how much tuition.

How I proceed is as follows:

  • Conduct the physical assessment and golf swing assessment at the clinic (this can be done via skype and a video of the golf swing sent for those unable to attend clinic).

  • I write and send a comprehensive report to you providing results of the assessments

  • We have a meeting / phone call reviewing the report and recommendations 

  • You get online access to MCI program and TPI prosite. This is a customised physical program

I believe that education is the best way to understand and as such improve. With this is mind, I also offer a golf workshop. 

The workshop comprises:

3 hour presentation by myself, Dr Andrew McHardy PhD looking at areas including:

  • Muscle activity  

  • Kinematics  

  • Nutrition  

  • Visual system  

  • Psychology

  • Warm up protocol 

I believe that the information from the workshop alone has the potential to improve a golfer’s game by 10-20%.

And much more!


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