Who Else Wants to Improve Their Golf Swing, Without Spending Too Much Time, Energy, or Money Whilst Learning How to Prevent Common Injuries – All in the Same Process?

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Here’s Your Chance To Discover The Best-Kept Secrets Only Pro Golfers Know About…

At last, everything you ever wanted to know about the perfect golf swing finally revealed!

Are you ready for the fastest solution to a bad golf swing?

Well, if you want to get better at the game of golf and want to have better mobility, control, and integration, then keep reading. Because you’re about to learn about a clinically proven and scientifically based program that all the smart and healthy golfers use.

Program Details

The MCI Program – Mobility, Control & Integration

dvd-front-coverNow, let’s begin…

As you probably know, golf is a pretty low-impact sport. And yet it’s associated with a staggering number of injuries. Many of which are a result of poor mechanics.

The most commonly injured area is the lower back. And that can be very costly for you down the road. After that the elbow, wrist, hand, and shoulder are also common injury sites.

That’s why I created the MCI Program – Mobility, Control & Integration.

It’s the best program available for those that want better golf conditioning.


About Us

Experience & Passion

As for myself, my name is Dr. Andrew McHardy PhD, and I’m the creator of this popular program. At university, I majored in Medical Science and Chiropractic studies. This allowed me to combine my passion for golf with my other passion – helping people with injuries.

In my 16 years of clinical experience I have seen hundreds of golfers.

In fact, I have helped both professional and amateur golfers and treated them all for various injuries. From the lower back, to the shoulders, down to the knees. The entire body really.

After creating this program and having them go through it in order to get them swinging pain free, we also found that they were hitting the ball further. And with greater consistency.

Dr. Andrew McHardy PhD

Who would have thought it would be so effective?

That’s when I knew I had to share it with the rest of the golf world…

MCI Program Benefits

Shows You How To Execute the Golf Swing in a Controlled, Coordinated Movement So That You Don’t Put Significant Stress On Your Muscles, Tendons and Joints.

Some of the benefits of my program include:

  • How to strengthen your core muscles
  • Which type of golf club is right for specific distances
  • The importance of the correct approach before swinging the club
  • How to focus on improving your flexibility
  • Why you should be building up your endurance
  • How to position yourself for an expert-like swing
  • What to do if your body is too stiff for a round of golf
  • How to swing hard without forcing an injury
  • Why the wrong type of club can ruin your shot
  • The top ways to improve your golfing form
  • The best rated drills and exercises for golfers
  • How to improve accuracy and find a rhythm (to fit your unique style)
  • How to prevent yourself from falling into old golfing habits

And much more!

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Get Instant Access To The Program Today. Only $47!

The best part of this is that you can get instant access to the program today. I’m also offering it at this price for not much longer. Frankly, I plan to raise the price in the very near future.

But, even at a higher price point, it’d be a total bargain, because this program is clinically proven and scientifically based.

In other words? It works wonders!

I know from first hand. So, ask yourself, do you want more distance, more consistency, and more accuracy in your golf game? Then sign up below to get started!


No Risk To You At All

satisfaction-guaranteed-stamp1You see, I am so sure that you’ll see the value of The MCI Program that I am offering a 30-day money back guarantee. Try it and see what it’s like. And if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, contact me and I will gladly refund your money.

No questions asked.


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So, what are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.